NCMB Successfully Conducts its 2022 Mid-Year Performance Assessment

Metro Manila – Last 21 – 22 July 2022, the National Conciliation and Mediation Board successfully conducted its Annual Mid-Year Performance Assessment for CY 2022. The activity, attended by the officials and staff from the Central Office and its Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branches, discussed the accomplishments of each office as well as the reformulated plans/targets for the second semester of 2022. In addition, the activity provided an opportunity to examine the client universe of each region in order to effectively attain the Board’s commitments and targets under the General Appropriations Act.

Executive Director Maria Teresita D. Lacsamana-Cancio, in her opening remarks, shared the message of the new Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Bienvenido E. Laguesma regarding the basic principles of governance that each personnel needs to adhere to and internalize. ED Lacsamana-Cancio reiterated the message of the DOLE Secretary during the 2022 DOLE Mid-Year Performance Assessment particularly the acronym MARCOSJR. The acronym stands for Meritocracy, Action-Oriented, Responsive, Committed to the Mandate, Obedient/Open to Consultation, Service-Oriented, Job Creation, and Ready and Willing to Contribute and Participate to Agency Mandate. These principles deal with the discussion of several important matters including the implementation of services, swift action and delivery of services, responsiveness to the needs of the client, sense of obedience, and the role of the Board relative to the mandate of the Department. She highlighted the strength of the Board when it comes to services and actions being done by the Board especially in handling conciliation-mediation cases.

Alam naman nating mahirap ang trabaho natin pero lalong humirap ang trabaho natin dahil much is expected from us. Sec. Benny expects NCMB to step up. Ayusin natin ang ating pagtatrabaho. Wag tayong matapos sa pinagmamalaki nating 24/7 kung hindi ipagmalaki natin na for every problem na inilapit sa atin ng ating mga kliyente, hindi lang dapat mag suhestyon, hindi lang dapat may reaksyon tayo, hindi lang dapat may opinyon tayo, but most importantly, we offer solutions to these problems” ED Lacsamana said as she requested the NCMB personnel to internalize the values stated in the acronym “MARCOSJR“.

Each regional director and officer-in-charge presented the results of the environmental scanning and the factors which they deemed helpful in effective program implementation. Apart from presenting the results of their regional environmental scanning, directors and division chiefs from the Central Office provided insights, suggestions and comments on the regional presentations in order to aid them in further achieving their target accomplishments and strengthen the programs and services in their respective branches.

Deputy Executive Director for Internal Services Maria Cristina O. Mangaliman, on the last day of the event, presented the estimated regional targets for the succeeding years. She shared that the targets formulated are based on the assessment/revisit of the Board’s accomplishments from 2016 to 2021. Financial and administrative matters were also discussed during the remaining presentations.

As part of the way forward, Deputy Executive Director for Technical Services Teresita E. Audea presented a brief summary of issues and concerns raised from the regional presentations. Among those, she urged the regional branch directors to formulate strategic actions with the corresponding output and timeframe to resolve issues encountered in the implementation of the NCMB program.

“Despite the heavy workload, we will not give up knowing that each output and accomplishment, no matter how small they are, when put together, count and may contribute greatly to the society”, ED Lacsamana-Cancio said during the concluding part of the activity.

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