Research and Information Division

  1. Advise management on research and information policies;
  2. Provide the Board with efficient, effective and economical services relating to planning, programming, project development and evaluation, management information system, research and studies on the Board’s programs, information and publication;
  3. Undertake research and studies in all areas of collective bargaining, conciliation, preventive mediation, grievance handling, voluntary arbitration, labor-management cooperation schemes and other voluntary modes of preventing and settling labor disputes, in aid of policy formulation;
  4. Publish and disseminate necessary information and research studies to the public and/or agencies concerned;
  5. Provide technical assistance in the formulation of short and long-range and annual plans and programs for the Board;
  6. Develop and implement a management information system for the Board;
  7. Maintain a network of labor information relevant to the Board’s programs and activities;
  8. Integrate the regular and annual reports of the Board.
  9. Perform such other functions as may be provided by law.