Administrative Division

  1. Advise management on administrative policies;
  2. Provide the Board with economical, efficient and effective services relating to personnel, records, supplies, equipment, office maintenance, security and custodial work;
  3. Develop and administer personnel program including among others, selection and placement, training classification and pay, career and employee development, performance evaluation, employee relations and welfare as well as act on all matters concerning appointments, promotions, transfers, attendance, leave of absence and other personnel transactions;
  4. Develop and maintain the records management program of the Board;
  5. Provide and coordinate office maintenance, security and messengerial services for the Board;
  6. Develop and implement the procurement and property management program for the Board;
  7. Coordinate and maintain linkages with other DOLE offices, government agencies and other institutions relative to its areas of concern;
  8. Prepare and submit reports required by other offices and agencies concerned;
  9. Perform such other functions as may be provided by law.