Financial and Management Division

  1. Advise management on financial and management policies;
  2. Provide the Board with economical, efficient and effective services relating to budgetary, financial, management improvement and internal control matters;
  3. Develop and implement management audit program towards increased efficiency, effectiveness and economy in operations, which includes, among others, organizations, methods, procedures, systems, prepare, update and integrate organization and manuals of operations;
  4. Prepare and administer the budget, allocate resources to the different offices and regional branches of the Board in accordance with established criteria and monitor the utilization of funds in relation with their performance;
  5. Maintain accounting records, books of accounts, prepare, analyze and submit financial reports and statement of operations in accordance with existing accounting and auditing rules;
  6. Provide efficient and accurate disbursement services for the Board;
  7. Prepare and submit reports required by other offices and agencies concerned;
  8. Perform such other functions as may be provided by law.