NCMB Achieves Satisfactory IQA Audit for CY 2021

Metro Manila – The Board on April 16, 2021 was once again conferred a satisfactory audit from the Department of Labor and Employment – Internal Audit Services (DOLE-IAS). 

“A satisfactory Internal Quality Audit (IQA) has been bestowed to the Board for three (3) consecutive years”, Executive Director Maria Teresita D. Lacsamana Cancio said during the first leg of IQA for CY 2021 conducted by DOLE-IAS on March 16, 2021 through Zoom Meeting Conference.  In addition, she affirmed to lead the Board in its continuing quest for quality service delivery to its clientele.

The online audit conference was attended by the NCMB’s Quality Management System (QMS) Team headed by Executive Director Cancio, and the Internal Quality Auditors from the DOLE-IAS team.  Exhaustive discussion on control of documented information, steps and measures taken relative to the COVID-19 pandemic, NCMB programs/services, and areas of improvement by the Board was undertaken by the body.

During the meeting, ED Cancio shared that as in the past audits, the Board aims to achieve good results despite the ongoing pandemic. She also emphasized the importance of maintaining QMS standards to ensure an improved quality service towards greater satisfaction of its clients.

Mr. Bongcayao, of the DOLE-IAS, mentioned that the focus of the current year’s IQA will be on the control of documented information and measures undertaken to address the impact of COVID-19 and its adverse impact on different occupational risks. 

On 1 April 16, 2021, the DOLE-IAS presented the audit results/findings on the Board’s enrolled program. In a nutshell, the NCMB has once again obtained satisfactory and positive feedback. 

DOLE-IAS commended the NCMB for its digitization initiatives efforts, such as the development of the NCMB portal and the use of social media and communication technology for information dissemination.  The IAS team also applauded the Board’s adoption of Alternative Work Arrangement, provision of transportation services and sleeping accommodation for employees.  

While the Board has obtained many positive findings, the DOLE-IAS provided some observations for improvement to further enhance NCMB services. 

ED Cancio acknowledged the guidance and support given by the DOLE-IAS Auditors, and expressed that the Board will continue to uphold and maintain its quality service for its clients. 

The IQA is an annual process conducted by the DOLE-IAS to ensure that the DOLE offices, including the NCMB, achieve quality service delivery. This is done by going through the SWOT analysis where the offices’ Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in terms of commitment in providing quality service to clients are identified, studied and analyzed.