Denso Techno Philippines, Inc., through its Labor-Management Committee (LMC), implemented several safety and health and environment programs aimed at helping its employees during the pandemic.

“Among the programs implemented were transportation arrangements for the employees,” Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch Director Jay Jasper B. Javines said, citing reports. 

“Beginning March 2021, Denso arranged a shuttle service to transport 349 employees”, Javines said.   He added that it is the first transportation initiative of the LMC in the midst of the pandemic where employees will pay only 30% of their actual fare from residence to their place of work.

To ensure the health and safety of the workers during the pandemic, Denso has established sanitary protocols at the workplace and has granted hazard pay to employees required to report for work during enhanced community quarantine and general community quarantine.

Other programs implemented through the LMC include a waste collection drive, green thumb project, and a donation drive for the Children’s Joy Foundation. 

To keep track of the implementation of their different programs, the LMC has developed a quarterly monitoring report and a feedback mechanism to improve program execution. 

Through Denso’s LMC, management has an avenue to openly communicate with their workers and include them in the decision making process. 

 “The LMC has engaged employees to become more responsive and responsible in the workplace,” Javines said. 

“Management has also been responsive to the issues brought forward through grievance machinery and have taken steps to prevent concerns from escalating,” he added. 

At the start of the community quarantine, management saw an increase in workplace grievances related to violations of company policies and procedures specifically on the filing of leave. 

Through LMC and the improvement of communication with employees, management has successfully addressed the issues. 

As of the first quarter of 2021, Denso has recorded no workplace related grievances. 

Denso Techno Philippines, Inc. Labor-Management Council was established in 2017 after a series of technical assistance provided by the RCMB-NCR.