The National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) and its Luzon Cluster Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branches (RCMBs) co-organized with the Philippine League of Labor Management Cooperation Practitioners, Inc. (PHILAMCOP), the Luzon Cluster Convention on Labor-Management Cooperation held at Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza, Baguio City on 09 September 2022.

The event was attended by more than 300 labor and management representatives from companies in Luzon, Regions VIII and XII, representatives from the Baguio City Local Government Unit, Luzon RCMB Directors and NCMB Central Office officials.

PHILAMCOP President Teofilo S. Colocado, Jr. opened the program through his message which centered on strengthening collaboration and cooperation between labor and management to ensure a productive environment for the member-companies in the country.

Messages of support were then delivered by DOLE-CAR Regional Director Nathaniel V. Lacambra and NCMB Executive Director IV Maria Teresita D. Lacsamana-Cancio. Both committed their fullest and unconditional support to all the endeavors of PHILAMCOP, all for the best interest of the LMCs, towards achieving a desirable industrial climate.

ED Cancio added that during events like this, she would like to highlight the long-standing partnership between PHILAMCOP and NCMB in advocating LMC, a mechanism that has proven its usefulness and remarkable contribution in sustaining peace and understanding in the workplace.

The 1-day event was packed with the following topics: 1. Productivity and Safety Culture in the Workplace, discussed by Engr. Jaime C. Reyes, a certified Safety Consultant; 2. Unlocking Productivity through Collaborative Works and Efforts, presented by National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC), Deputy Executive Director Jeanette T. Damo; and 3. Gender-Fair Language, tackled by the Vice President for Operations of Adventist Medical Center Manila, Dr. Ian Kenneth C. Bermeo.

On his discussion of Productivity and Safety Culture in the Workplace through Behavioral Based Safety, Engr. Reyes provided the participants with useful tips on how to engage workers in safety awareness activities. He underscored the importance of permanently embedding safety procedures in the minds of the workers to eliminate preventable accidents and increase productivity.

For the second topic, DED Damo introduced the participants to the fundamentals of productivity and the various schemes by which productivity can be achieved. She likewise provided practical tips that would guide the companies in their productivity journey through the integration of PIP in LMC schemes. Also included in her discussion are the various ways of reaping and sharing the gains of improved productivity.

On the Gender-Fair Language topic, Dr. Bermeo provided an in-depth discussion of the current issues arising from gender stereotyping and discrimination. He detailed the importance of using gender-fair language in achieving a gender-sensitive workplace.

In addition to the topics discussed, representatives from Ampleon Philippines, a winner of the Outstanding LMC for Industrial Peace award in 2021, were invited to share with the participants their best practices specifically on how the LMC program helped in sustaining industrial peace in their workplace.

In closing, RCMB-CAR Director Lourdes P. Estioco expressed her gratitude and appreciation to the participants for taking part in the 2022 Luzon Cluster Convention on Labor-Management Cooperation.

END/ Pia Bianca B. Sambrano